Solving the Foreclosure Crisis

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In order to solve the foreclosure crisis, first we must identify and examine the reasons why people are going into foreclosure. The unstable economy which has led to the loss of thousands of jobs is the most obvious reason that people are foreclosing their homes. Without a stable and sufficient source of income, it is virtually impossible to pay back mortgage lenders. The first step we should take to solve the foreclosure crises is to create more jobs so that people can pay their mortgages on time. Its easier said than done, but who said it would be easy. The way to create more jobs and a moral society is through free college education. We spend billions of dollars building penitentiaries and fighting wars which to me is a waste of precious monies. This money could go into providing free college education nationally. I know a lot of people who had the potential to be far more productive in life but, they lack the education and skills required to fulfill their dreams. They had to settle for jobs that pay low salaries which makes it hard to pay their mortgage. Most of these people with these low salaries have been laid off their low paying jobs due to the recession, which makes it twice as hard to pay a cell phone bill, let alone a mortgage. Providing free college education nationally will definitely help make society more productive and the average salaries will increase nationally. Investing in education and saving recklessly spent money is the first step in solving the foreclosure crises.

The second step that should be taken in order to solve the foreclosure crises is to instill government run programs for those in need of money to help pay their mortgages. Section 8 virtually pays all of the rent of lower income people. My ques...

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... over drafting. To make a long story short, I had overdraft fees which were accruing for about two months. I “hate” the practices of American companies. I also have an outstanding balance with Citibank. I have a credit card debt of over 3,000 dollars due to the lack of education of credit cards, and the immoral interest rates that they have been charging. Though I do not blame the Citibank for my debt, the practices that they have are as good a career criminal. They exploit you in every possible way by vaguely explaining their terms, and leaving out the bad side of owning a credit card.

In conclusion, I believe that the foreclosure crises is one that we must solve collectively. We must pull together as a human race, and put all of our greedy ambitions behind us. If we continue to address the least important phenomenon in society, inevitably we will all be doomed.