Solving the Foreclosure Crisis

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This essay will clearly state a solution to the foreclosure struggle from which this nation is currently suffering. This plan to impede the extremely rapid rise of foreclosure rates in this beautiful country requires not only the work of businesses, but the work of the people as well. Since this problem is affecting the country as a whole, we must join together and act as one country if we are to have any hope of winning this battle against rising foreclosure rates. The first step of this plan to decrease rising foreclosure rates involves the people. The people must be aware of and take into account their financial limitations. The second step in decreasing foreclosure rates involves the businesses that lend out loans. They must not give excessive quantities of money to citizens who do not make at least an average salary. The third step in this plan requires the role of both the people and the businesses. Organizations that lend money have to set an interest rate that is fair and just. We as a people must also be aware when unfair interest rates are being set. Just being aware of it is not enough however. We must decline such outrageous interest rates and find ourselves a decent company that will allow us a fair interest rate. The state in which we as a people are aware of our financial limitations must be realized if we are going to decrease the foreclosure rate in this country. Knowing what you are and are not able to do financially will allow you to make wise decisions dealing with your money. Such an action will probably cause you the relief of great distress in the future since it will more than likely save you from losing your car or home. Once you have come to be aware of your financial barriers, you can them move on to t... ... middle of paper ... ...oreclosure problem that is happening right here in the United States of America. It calls for fairness and cooperation between both the people of the United States of America and the loan businesses of the United States of America. We must first take notice of our financial limitations and act according to those limitations. Not everyone can live in a mansion. Secondly, the loan businesses of this country must set interest rates that are fair and just according to the person‘s financial limitations. Lastly, the people of this country must be able to recognize unfair interest rates and then try to work with the loan lenders to achieve a fair interest rate. This plan can only work if the people of this great country and the loan lending business of this great country come and work together in order to stop the rapid rise of foreclosures in the United States of America.
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