Solving the Algebraic Problem

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Many people believe that algebra is necessary because it makes students to try and think logically. But algebra is not necessary due to the fact that algebra is preventing those who exceed in other subjects to fail school, not only that but most jobs don’t even use algebra. Often times many do not realize that every person is different in understanding the required materials that are needed to pass school. Some excel in history and art but are completely dumbfounded in math, or someone could succeed in math and English but cannot connect with history and science. Making algebra necessary to learn when, according to Andrew Hacker’s article “Is Algebra Necessary?”, 57 percent of The City University of New York ’s students could not pass their mandatory algebra classes. Not only that but, “a national sample of transcripts found mathematics had twice as many F’s and D’s compared as other subjects”(Hacker). This example has shown that there are multiple students failing algebra, they are also spending loads of money to fail a class that will most likely not even help them with their fu...
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