Solving The Foreclosure Crisis

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In today’s harsh economy, people all over the country are having their homes foreclosed. While some of these people simply bought a house they knew they couldn’t afford, many of the foreclosure victims simply lost their job due to the recession and as a result could not afford their mortgage. While it may be plainly apparent, it should still be noted that even under the current procedures enacted in this country to lessen the sting of foreclosure and reduce the commonality of its occurrence, people are still losing their homes at an alarming rate, and those who do suffer greatly as a result. This is why I propose that we solve this foreclosure problem by following the words of Frederick Douglass who said “We have to do with the past only as we can make it useful to the present and the future.” In the case of foreclosure, I say we draw from the past and assimilate into the future the concept of Medieval Feudalism.

To truly understand how adopting new-age feudalism would act as a solution to the foreclosure crisis, it is first important to understand how feudalism basically works. In feudalism, a Lord is a person who owns a lot of land who allows people (called vassals) to live on his land free of charge, with the only condition being that the vassals must become a part of that Lord’s military. Now, obviously the banks who own peoples’ homes do not have a military, but there is a way that feudalism can still be effectively revised and utilized to fit into our current governmental structure. The way my plan, which I call the STS Act (Shelter Through Service Act), works is thus: When a homeowner faces foreclosure, our government will agree to subsidize their mortgage and allow them to keep their house. In exchange however, at least ...

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...harder to find a job and hopefully finding one as a result, state of the economy will improve, so whether people choose to serve or fear serving and opt to devote more time to seeking new employment, the STS Act will undoubtedly work to both improve the state of our economy and the standard of living many people are facing due to the aforementioned economy.

In summation, my proposed Shelter Through Service Act will apply the basic concepts of feudalism on a nationwide scale, offering homeowners the option of avoiding losing their home through a government-subsidized mortgage in exchange for unpaid military service by at least one member of the household who meets the criteria outlined above. While feudalism may be a centuries-old system, we should see this past experience the way Professional Golfer Gary Player sees it, “… a guidepost, not a hitching post.”

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