Solving India 's Rising Crime Graph

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Crime destroys the very fabric of a civilized society. It stops the growth of a country and creates fear among its citizens. Though crime is inevitable in any society, yet it has to be kept at minimum level. But same in not true in India where crime rate is consistently rising. An ordinary citizen is fearful not only of stepping outside their home but they are not safe in their home too. Numerous factors can be cited to explain India’s rising crime graph. Firstly, our law and enforcement mechanisms are not up to date. Contrary to the western societies where police is considered as friend of a common citizen, here the police are not trusted at all. The police force is not trusted at all by the citizens and whenever a crime takes place, it has to bear the anger of public. It is largely seen as heavily politicized and corrupted force by a common man. According to the UN, the worldwide average is closer to 350 officers per 100,000 citizens. It is widely held belief that police personnel have become private security force of the politicians and that they decide their course of action depending upon socio-economic and cultural status of victim as well as the accused. To secure confessions, police personal often resort to extra-constitutional methods which would constitute as human rights violation in any democratic society. The lower rung of police force is under paid and they are not even given holidays given to other government employees. Secondly, the conviction rate is abysmally low. Our criminal justice system has not been able to match the challenge of rising crime rate and increasing awareness among the downtrodden. It is legacy of British Criminal justice system which was used by them to crush the freedom struggle. No major in... ... middle of paper ... ... and has higher concentration of population. The society has become pervert and corrupted. The mindset of people has to be changed. People must realize that if they are a mute spectator to a crime, then they may be next victim. The youth needs to be brought back in to mainstream and counseled so that they are not laid wayward by criminal elements. This can be done by checking the performance of a child right from the beginning not only in terms of grades but his mental conditioning, his peers and his ambitions. Also, a fear of law should be established and children must be taught the necessity of law. Another thing that can be done is more involvement in political process at grassroots levels to end the politician-police-criminal nexus. Once law makers realize that siding with law breakers won’t help them, they are bound desert them and let law take its own course.

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