Solve the Outbreak: An App from the Center for Disease Control

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Through the years there has been a rise for the advocacy of public education over several disease and how the people would be infected as well as what can be done to avoid such diseases and what pre-cautionary measures can be taken in order to prevent infection or spreading of the diseases. Many people have become aware of the measures due to many programs initiated by the government and several other resources, the knowledge of such diseases would help to contain the diseases to prevent further complications. The CDC or Center for Disease Control released an app called “Solve the Outbreak,” the app provides several case scenarios in which the person using the app would be the “detective” that can help find the source of the diseases or sickness that many people had become infected. This app among many are great for many people to learn the various diseases as well as the fact that the app is updated with new cases that can help people understand various diseases and as well as the app is visually appealing which would make more people play through the various cases and learn along the way. The app is generally made for the public but would best benefit those who are younger and those that do not have the proper knowledge of basic disease characteristics. The app provides basic information that also acts as a catalyst for the education of people. The age of technology has made health related apps more useful as well as much more available for anyone who has the technology in their reach, the use of technology like the app for the app can spread knowledge even if it is just a game. The app provides information as to how the disease is spread and the solution but fails to include the socioeconomic effects on the ... ... middle of paper ... ...ersial topic and due to their inferiority over others and the feeling of being oppressed by others often causes the infection of diseases due to the psychological impacts and the impact on their income as many people have various attitudes towards different races/ethnicity. Such programs are there to help people become better acquainted with the several factors that can impact a person, if changes were made to the lifestyle of the poor, the life expectancy of theirs would start to increase, and awareness of such measures would then benefit others who are struggling and those of who do not have a voice. Works Cited Solar O, Irwin A. A conceptual framework for action on the social determinants of health. Social Determinants of Health Discussion Paper 2 (Policy and Practice). “Solve the Outbreak” app by the CDC

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