Solutions to Improve Relations Between Pakistan and India

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Soon after the partition, relations between India and Pakistan were strained over the Kashmir issue and since then both the nations have fought three wars and entered into various disputes. It has been argued by analysts that the core issue of Kashmir is the main obstacle between smooth India-Pakistan relations. However, after a deep examination of this notion, it can be concluded there are other key issues between both the rivals which hinders healthy relations between them. These conflicts can be categorized as the water issue, terrorism and the efforts for greater influence in Afghanistan. By thoroughly analyzing these issues, a series of pragmatic solutions have been recommended, which include an efficient use of scarce water resources, strict check on terrorist activities and collaborative activities in Afghanistan, in order to ensure improved relation between the two rivals. After a thorough analysis of the current Pakistan-India relations it can be argued that water dispute is becoming the “core issue” in the Pakistani establishment’s narrative about bilateral problems. Some political analysts even claim that water issue is already becoming “another Kashmir-like rallying point for Pakistani jihadist”. Although the Indus Water Treaty has survived three wars, it has recently been under great strain due to Pakistan’s increasing need for agriculture and India’s increasing use of shared waters. India is pursuing hydropower development to meet its increasing economic, population and energy demands. For that purpose it is building 33 multipurpose dams in the Indus River basin. Pakistan is opposing all those projects that may result in Indian control of waters allocated to it under IWT. After closely analyzing the design of these ... ... middle of paper ... ...progress will be made by the Pakistan side. Hence, there is a constant threat of another terrorist attack in India by the Pakistan based terrorist organization, which derails relations once again. Works Cited Alvi, Mumtaz. "Afghanistan, RAW patronising Baloch separatists." The News, August 4, 2012. Bajpai, K. Shankar. "Untangling India and Pakistan." Foreign Affairs, 2003: 112-126. Gul, Nabiha. "Post-9/11 Pakistan-India Relations." Pakistan Horizon, 2004: 67-77. Noor, Sanam. "Pakistan-India Relations and Terrorism." Pakistan Horizon, 2007: 65-84. PAKISTAN’S RELATIONS WITH INDIA: BEYOND KASHMIR? . International Crisis Group, 2012. Samad, Mohammad Abdus. "PAKISTAN'S WATER PROBLEMS AND THE LAW OF INTERNATIONAL RIVERS." Pakistan Horizon, 1970: 265-274. Sinha, Uttam Kumar. "Water and Energy: A Flashpoint in Pakistan-India Relations?" Journal of Energy Security, 2010.

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