Solutions to Global Warming

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Climatic warming, or what some call global warming, began thousands of years ago. This climatic warming occurs because of natural climate cycles that the earth has to go through in order to have a stable climate condition. Global heating and global cooling are nothing new today. There were Ice Ages when most of the world was covered in glaciers and hot steamy times that allowed animals that now live in the tropics to live in almost any continent known today. A major change in climatic warming began at the beginning of the Industrialization Era since then “people have been adding extra carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.” ( (2007) As a result, the earth’s temperature has increased faster than ever before and the bets are that it will continue increasing. Climate warming does not only affect the climate, but also animal habitats that can lead to the extinction, raise in water levels, change in water supply, more cold winters, and more hot summers. Gladly there are many ways in which climatic warming can be controlled. Climatic warming began rising after the Industrial Revolution in the early 1860s due to the creation of machines that decreased the amount of work that humans had to do. These machines required fuel aid as a main source of energy to operate and as more and more machines were developed the amount of fuel needed increased. This demand only increased by the creation of the automobile. Today “there are more than half as many cars as people in the United States.” ( (2000) On average one gallon of gasoline produces nineteen pounds of carbon dioxide that is released into the atmosphere. The rise in technology ha... ... middle of paper ... ...nd that we helped future generations. Works Cited 1. ©2007 National Wildlife Federation 2. ©2000 by Monthly Review 3. © 2007 U.S. Department of the Interior/ U.S. Geological Survey 4. © 2010 USA Today 5. © 2009 AZCENTRAL.COM 6.

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