Solutions To Teen Pregnancy

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Teen pregnancy is a topic which is often looked down upon, as teengers are very young to have a responsiblity of a newborn.Many scholars, as well as scholars rather choose to ignore the fact that teen pregnancy is an existing problem rather than finding ways to reduce it. It is very important to understand the roots of teen pregnancy.Let’s first discuss what is teenage pregnancy?Teenage pregnancy is pregnancy experienced by females between the ages of 13-20. There is an epidemic growing where teen birth rate is becoming a common problem.We need to consider solutions to reduce the rate of teen pregnancy through better sex education;parents having sex-talk with teens and why teen pregnancy is detrimental.

According to Cherry,writer of the book Teenage pregnancy:A global view,his research indicates that the highest recorded teen birth rate year has been dropping since 1991 . Many other countries throughout the world are experiencing issue with teenage pregnancies. Even though, many countries give permission to their children to
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As a person is going through their teen years, they often start seeing their parents as an bossy authoritative figure rather than a friend, whom they can ask for advice in need.Some parents do not have the sex talk with their kids due to this difference between them and also the myth that they might encourage them to become sexually active.( Bond-Zielinski,1). Bond-Zielinski also talks about the topic of role-model, “Another important thing for parents to remember is role modeling. A parent 's behavior should match their words. The "do as I say, not as I do" approach will have a great impact on teenagers who are careful and constant observers of the adults in their lives.”(1). Even though sex education is provided in the school, having ‘the talk’ with parents and having a close relationship with their kids would reduce danger of teen pregnancy as well as many other problems a teenager could
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