Solutions To Reforming Immigration Reform

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Immigration has always been very high on the list of issues in the United States. There are many sub-topics surrounding this issue such as: How many immigrants do we let in? Why is the road the naturalization so long and treacherous? Why should we let these people come in and take our jobs? Byron York states, “Of all the arguments made in the long and contentious debate over immigration reform, the one heard most often, from all sides is that our immigration system is broken” with many strong and valid arguments in mind, I believe our immigration system must be reformed. Immigrants are very important to the growth of our country not only economically, but also culturally, educationally and more. With the current system I am left to question,…show more content…
Mae M. Ngai suggests our current immigration system “has followed this one-size fits all rule since 1965.” She is referring to the numerical limit of immigrants of 25,620 people for each country. This system is simply illogical when countries like China and Mexico with large populations and high demand to migrate to the Unites States are forced to face the same quota of countries like Belgium and New Zealand with smaller populations and a lower demand for entry. In Ngai’s article she also presents a solution to immigration presented by the late Senator Philip A. Hart. Hart’s plan took things like refugees, proportion to population, and the amount of immigration in the last 15 years into consideration. This plan was very promising because it highlighted some of the largest struggles immigrants face. If I were to propose a plan it would look similar to Hart’s, especially when it comes to refugees and population proportion. It is important to keep in mind these numbers we see are real people with families, stories and struggles unique to each person. Dehumanizing immigrants occurs often especially with a system treating every person and country the same. There is no right answer to a large-scale issue like this, but something must change to make progress in the right…show more content…
According to Paul McDaniel the cost of naturalization for adults is $680. For the many immigrant families living below the poverty line this amount of money is not something they can easily give up for even one family member. McDaniel informs how important naturalization is claiming it “can improve incomes, enhance civic participation, and strengthen social cohesion.” These pivotal steps towards “the dream” are not obtainable to many families because they cannot afford the application fees. This starts a vicious cycle of poverty because those who cannot afford cannot make progress in their living situations and climb out of the deep poverty hole. The price is unrealistic for most immigrant families and must be lowered. If this price cannot be lowered, the government could issue need-based grants to a number of families each year. When naturalization is one of the main steps to leading a better life, it should not be at a price unattainable to most migrants looking for
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