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Using examples that are insightful and rich in emotional appeal, Peter Singer drives home his point that the spending habits of the modern consumers in wealthy countries are immoral. Additionally Singer employs the Diminishing Marginal Utility principle, the more of something you have the less you benefit from more of it, to persuade the reader to contribute to the charity work. He raises many ‘hard to digest’ arguments in his article and invites the reader to think deep and hard. He questions whether the ‘lack of action’ in preventing a horrible outcome makes a person less culpable, or if one shouldn’t donate more that the hypothetical ‘fair share’. Moreover, he discusses the obligations of an individual in an event where the individual is only one of the few who are donating to charity. This essay attempts to cipher out some of these arguments.

Singer uses a thought experiment from philosopher Unger’s book “Living High and
Letting Die” where a man named Bob is placed in a situation where the only way he can save the life of a child is by sacrificing his expensive and prized Bugatti. Singer attempts, successful, to make the argument that Bob is wrong not to rise up to the occasion and sacrifice a material object in favor of the child’s life. Singer further compares the actions of Bob to that of a modern consumer living in an affluent country.
He insists that there is no moral difference between them as both knowingly or unknowingly let poor children die by plac...

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... necessities, should be given away” (Singer, 1999) says the utilitarian philosopher. Here his expectations are idealistic and unrealistic. In contrast to his earlier arguments about people giving $200 to charity, Singer offers very little persuasive arguments to back up this claim of giving away our “luxurious money”. His ideology is praise worthy but naïve. Additionally he completely fails to understand the people’s need for financial security. If we follow
Singer’s model then chances are the whole economic structure, which depends on the people’s spending power, would come crumbling down. But even though his ideals are impractical, he does raise the important issue of poverty and has some good arguments that makes people sit up take notice.

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