Solution Focused Counseling Interventions

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I have been very fortunate since the early beginning of my counseling journey to have a mentor. Because of that mentor relationship I feel that I have the benefit to find a counseling perspective that undoubtedly works more me. That counseling model is Solution Focused Therapy, which is a pragmatic approach that focuses on problem solution or management by the most efficient route. Brief counseling does not espouse the notion of ‘cure’ or have character change as one of its goals (Burwell & Chen, 2006, p. 191). The article I found in Counseling Psychology Quarterly, takes the basic aspects of the solution focused counseling model and equates them to how they are effective in matters of career treatment.
The article’s authors, Burwell and Chen, pose that career counseling aims to help clients become more effective agents in solving problems in their vocational aspects of life. To achieve this goal, theorists and practitioners are called upon to form useful helping approaches that can help clients in a more efficient and effective manner. Consequently, by adopting principles and techniques from the solution-focused therapy in career counseling practice, career counseling interventions can be very effective (2006, p. 189).
Burwell’s and Chen’s research applies each main aspect of solution focused counseling to principles of career interventions. The first aspect is focusing on positive change. The SFT model asserts that there needs to be a focus on positive change father than what is the causation of the client’s problem. In a career-counseling context, the focus needs to be future focused and to help the client’s find alternatives and strengths that will beneficial to their career exploration.
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...s philosophically and clinically congruent for career counselors as a modality to promote career enrichment and vocational well being. Although the present consideration to make bridge between the two counseling modes is an inductive attempt, it has presented some interesting thoughts in search for more effective and efficient career counseling approaches (2006, p. 2003). As well the specific techniques of solution focused counseling, such as the use of; compliments, goal driven futures, scaling perspectives, and statements normalization and reconstruction only further the career counseling process by giving the client real and tangible forum to help and improve their lives.

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