Solitary Defender

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An empress rides slowly through the heat of the desert seated on her throne, which was being carried by four of her servants. They have been traveling through the hot, arid climate of the desert for a week longer than they had planned and they are running dangerously low on supplies. Her assistants, musicians and soldiers plod slowly along beside her. A hot gust of air send her hair cascading behind her. One of her maidservants spots a stream, which she decides to go towards, as her followers need water and a chance to rest. The empress is just beginning to fall asleep when out of no where a lone thief starts to attack. The thief fights exquisitely, but he has greatly underestimated the size of the empress's army. Upon discovering that he is no match for the soldiers, he quickly darts of into the distance. Since she knows that her cortege is running low on supplies, she directs the procession to head in the same direction, hoping the bandit was heading towards a town. Starting back up, the empress and her retinue slowly trudge along, following the thief’s foot steps towards, what they hope, is a nearby village. Upon arriving, the empress and her group notice that, what they expected to be a small town, is actually a massive kingdom! They look around for someone to tell them where they are, but find all the buildings around them to be completely empty. The empress advises those with her to rest, and prepare for travel, as she is eager to complete her journey. As the members of her procession begin to head towards a nearby well and seek shelter, the empress hears a few, quiet voices calling out from a distance. The empress choses a few of her maidservants, and they start to make their way through the maze-like town toward... ... middle of paper ... ...d stay far ahead of them. The evasive maneuvers and taunting of the bandits just makes the army even more determined. They continue to follow this group of vagabonds deeper and deeper into the town, sprinting through boulevards and jumping down alleys until they are led to an open area of the now almost abandoned city. They see the empty stands and shelves and realize that they are standing in what was once a busy and bustling marketplace. The empress is the first one to attack, with her soldiers following shortly after. They begin fighting with such ferocity that the thieves, who know the area, begin to decline in number. The battle rages on for hours, before the empress and her army have finally defeated the larcenists who had overthrown the town. Overjoyed, the empress leads her army back through the town declaring her victory over their former overlords.