Soliloquies In Hamlet Essay

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There are many complicated steps into writing and performing a play. These decisions also make for what type of play you want to perform. Tragedies, drama, or comedies are all plays that a writer can decide to write, depending upon what you as the director would want. Plays take quite a while to also put together. You have to find the right people to play the characters, and you can 't just have anyone play them they have to fit the character as well. All actors are different in how and what they will perform, no two actors can act out the same character the same exact way. All in the end you just want the people to have watched a play that they would want to come see again and again and never get tired of it. Shakespeare for instances has…show more content…
Have you ever just went on a rant about something and you were all alone? Not wanting to tell anyone what you were saying or thinking, so you have to be alone? This is called a soliloquy in a play, Shakespeare does this a lot with his characters so we as the audience know exactly what they are feeling. It’s a way to tell the audience from the characters views what they are thinking or what their current mood is at the moment. For example in the play Hamlet, Shakespeare has a soliloquy in every act of the play. This not only lets us hear and watch what Hamlet is thinking or feeling. If we didn’t have these soliloquies in this well written play as the audience we might not know or be exactly sure on what some characters are going through. Soliloquies are extremely important to Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. Hamlet throughout the play is angry and sad, but he only lets the audience know why when he is on stage alone and gives his soliloquy. We may think we know what’s wrong and bothering him but turns out what he says is not what we are thinking. If the play Hamlet had no soliloquies then it clearly wouldn’t be as good of a play to watch or…show more content…
Play are extremely important they entertain, teach lessons, and let the characters actor freely. Hamlet is a very important play today just like it was back then. Of course being Shakespeare and a great play writer he always spices things up, by putting a play with a play. For example in the play Hamlet, Hamlet make the actors act out a play for his family and country. This play isn’t any old play, it’s about a brother who killed his brother to be king and then later married his wife. This story is the exact story that is being play as the play Hamlet. Which is quite an intelligent thing to do on Shakespeare’s side. In the end Hamlet wants them to recite the play and he is going to watch his uncle to see if he really killed his father. Having this play within play gives the audience a way of knowing that this guy is really guilty and he is starting to feel it in the conscience. It also doesn’t let us forget what the uncle did to his brother just for the thrown and the queen. Plays within plays will forever be something that Shakespeare does and no one will forget how and why he does them. There isn’t one clever thing that Shakespeare doesn’t do in his plays, especially in the play
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