Soldiers Overseas: What Happens to Them and How We can Help

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One of the stresses of being in the services is one's family, the spouse especially. They are always afraid of what will become of their marriage more than anything usually before the husbands or wives deploy. Some of the spouses cope by either showing excitement and supporting their husbands or wives, or distancing themselves from their loved one by arguing, not communicating, or talking about their own independence. Once their husbands or wives deploy, however, new issues arise. Sometimes this leads to the spouse coping using another person, developing feelings, and getting a divorce while their spouse is still deployed. Other times it leads to depression problems and turning to their family for help and support. Spouses tend to ask many questions about how they can live their own lives while also staying connected with their loved ones mainly because they need a sense of their husband or wife still being there and having a say so in their life. In all honesty, they feel a sense of longing and needing for their spouse to come home.
Several women with children who struggled to play both mom and dad roles said their children have or might rebel in their father's absence, causing further difficulties for them as wives of soldiers. Sometimes the wives attempt to keep their husbands involved in decision-making to keep their children from rebelling and knowing their dad does play his own role as the parent. What becomes more common is when the wife tries to become a single parent and end up setting new rules or routines for the child or children. Some wives decide to get jobs to get out of the house, sometime they move back to their hometown, whereas other wives intend to focus more and put more into their marriages and maintaining a...

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... forward to partaking to in the near future.
Operation PAL is known more commonly as Operation Prayers and Letters. It is when people write heart felt letters to soldiers that may contain anything from questions they may have about the military to them just praising the soldiers for what they do and saying thank you along with how they appreciate them. This will also be one of my plans I am incorporating into my project next year.
Purple Heart Hero Support is when people donate to those who were wounded in war. They take their own cash and they send it to people who were formally in the military and got wounded at war.
Operation Freedom Ballot honors the fallen soldiers by preserving the historical first vote in Iraq. It provides families of service members killed in Iraq an official ballot, which was created in nation's history for the first democratic election.
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