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Solar panels are the future of an alternative power source. They are very beneficial to Canadians. First of all, solar panels are completely environmentally friendly. Solar energy is a renewable resource and creates zero emission when generated. Also Canadians will save a great amount of money with having solar panels. It’s unlimited and free power from the beautiful sun. Finally solar panels can be used to power almost everything from your home to a whole city.
Today fossil fuels give off a lot of dangerous, harmful greenhouse gases. Solar panels are a great method to earn electricity without damaging the environment. Solar panels are groups of solar cells constructed together to form a large panel. The solar cells convert light energy from the sun into useable electricity. This process creates no emission of harmful greenhouse gases that damages our beautiful earth. Now solar energy is a renewable resource for energy. The sun won’t burn out until the next five billion years. Therefore it’s not a concern at the current moment. However the fossil fuels we use will run out eventually. According to Eco Info in 2009, at the rate we are using fossil fuels at; we have an estimate of 46 years of oil, 63 years of natural gas and 119 years of coal. However if every Canadian home and every home across the world had solar panels they wouldn’t need to use fossil fuels to power their homes. Everyday solar panel technology is becoming much more efficient. “Every minute the sun bathes the Earth in as much energy as the world consumes in an entire year.” — (US Department of Energy web site, 2010). Now by harnessing this amount of energy the worldwide energy crisis will be solved. Everyone will have more than enough power than they`ll need. ...

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