Solar energy

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Solar Energy is a great way to cut back on our carbon footprint. Carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. Solar energy is clean, free and easy to use after setup. Solar energy is when the sun makes energy that is collected by solar panels which turn it to energy we can use. Solar can also be passive where it comes in through windows in a house to warm it. Solar is a efficient way to get energy and can also be used to heat our homes and cool them too! Solar can work together with other renewable energy sources like geothermal to make things go like cars. Solar is a great thing for Colorado too, because we already have it implemented in many places in the state. Houses, airports, schools, and other places around Colorado have solar energy. With solar energy being so expensive to setup many places still use coal to get energy.

Coal energy is a great way to get energy at a cheap price. Coal mining is on the decline on Colorado because of the health hazards to workers and the cost of mining coal. Burning coal for energy creates byproducts of particles that cause greenhouse gasses. Coal is a great way to get energy but is bad for the environment. It pollutes the air and takes up lots of space. Coal is non renewable because it takes millions of years to form and also when mining for it ruins the environment around it. Laws have been made that makes the miners repair the land back to its original state but still underneath the land is ruined. Coal is overall just a much worse way to make energy and worse for us too.

Solar energy is clean, good for the environment, is renewable and is already implemented around Colorado. Solar is a clean and virtually harmless alternative to coal and other energy sources we ha...

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...nsive today," even though solar energy is very expensive now the price is always decreasing. Solar is becoming more viable for Colorado.

Solar energy is very viable and because of its price lowering and Colorado having sun 300 days of the year. Coal is bad for the environment and is non-renewable. Solar is the energy of the future and is becoming more available and used in Colorado already in places like the airport or peoples houses. Solar is getting more popular and even things like solar powered cars are being made. The Ford C Max energi has a solar panel on the roof to harness the suns energy and keep it going. Solar is much better energy source than anything else. If everyone has solar panels and batteries we would not need to worry about power being messed up with trees falling or digging in the ground. With solar we could all have our own “power plant”.
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