Solar Power: The Importance Of Solar Energy

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Every year, the world’s consumption of energy is increasing. Knowing the world is depending mostly on non-renewable resources such as fossil foul in order to generate the power, there will be negative consequences. The most important one is the shortage in energy. As a solution, the world should focus on renewable energy sources especially solar energy because it has a lot of advantages.

The importance of solar energy is synonymous to every living creature’s importance that started since the beginning of time. As time passes, people have been studying and learning its importance and finding alternative and effective means on how to use it efficiently in replacement to the traditional energy sources. Because of its various uses, the worldwide need for energy has been increasingly growing beyond the limits of the current population. To further address these demands in the future appropriately, an
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For example, “Space Solar Power”, it is a new way to generate energy simply by harvesting the sun from space. This new technology will solve some issues with terrestrial solar such as: space solar energy will need no area in the ground or in the earth because the solar panels will be install in the satellite, the efficiency will increase due the fact that the atmosphere is rejecting some sun radiations and the space solar energy will work 24 hours because there is no night out there in space [7]. Another example of new technology of solar energy is “solar windows”. It allows any transparent window to act as a solar panel. As a result, we can turn the buildings, cars or anything has a window to small power station that generates power from the sun. There are many benefits to solar windows such as it will occupy no space since it will be windows that already there and it will reduce the heat because these windows can block up to 90 percent of the sun

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