Solar Power: The Future Of Solar Energy

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Although solar power has existed for many years now, this increasingly cost efficient form of technology has just recently begun to gain traction with the main utility companies. In terms of kilowatts, solar power still remains relatively expensive over traditional sources of energy such as natural gas and propane. However the cost continues to decline rapidly, and the efficiency of this alternative energy source is projected to surpass coal and natural gas companies entirely. I believe that, along with minimal risk, progressing more into solar energy as the worlds main source of power could benefit us both short term and long term. Companies and homeowners that have solar panels already, are experiencing a better relationship with their utility providers. What was once a parasitic relationship is now more symbiotic, and customers aren't put into a bind to cough up the cash every month. You, the rate payer, are no longer helpless in the face of sky-high electric bills, unable to do anything beyond using Energy Star appliances and yelling at the kids to shut off the lights(Thompson). Even when the panels don't produce enough energy for the customer, the cost of the bill will be less. If more energy is produced than is used, the utility companies will reimburse you or credit your next month bill. This could be a great source of income or a way to generate more money. Along with various state tax incentives, the federal government offers competitive subsidies for homeowners who install solar panels on their homes. In some places, handsome subsidies may be available for businesses as well. This usually means that you will get some sort of tax credit proportionate to the amount of solar panels you own. By doing this the governme... ... middle of paper ... ... Making the switch over to solar energy also lifts the burden off of other countries that are relying on third party energy sources. This relieves global tensions, increasing the security of every American and foreign citizen. Lets put things in perspective. Solar energy is obviously not the “elixir” capable of solely eliminating all of the worlds environmental problems. Be that as it may, the technology is valuable, and getting increasingly competitive with all other conventional sources of energy. Sure it does use up some non renewable resources in the making, but a worthy investment nonetheless, if you want to ensure your future here on earth. I believe that with the way things are moving, that solar energy and renewable resources are and will be the way of the future. From the average household, to continents, solar energy can create jobs and generate revenue.
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