Solar Power: The Advantages And Aspects Of Solar Energy

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Solar power is a form of electricity generated from the energy obtained from the sun. This conversion may occur indirectly through the concentrated solar power (CSP) concept or directly by use of photovoltaics (PV). Analysts indicate that the energy released by the sun to the earth exceeds the power consumed by human beings by 35,000 times (Armentrout and Patricia 50). Excess energy, in the form of solar radiation, is reflected back to the atmosphere. This shows the underutilized capacity of solar energy in attaining sustainable developments. The photovoltaic systems do not release greenhouse gases in the power generation process. Moreover, they can convert sunlight into electricity even in conditions of low solar energy. This proves that solar power can be available for use in domestic or commercial buildings even on cloudy days. In contrast, the indirect conversion of solar energy through CSP techniques involves the generation of heat energy and using the resultant steam to operate power generators (Hirschmann 36). Similar to the photovoltaics structure, this system does not have any environment-degrading emissions.
The high-energy intensity obtained from the sun is the main reason why solar power is considered reliable and useful in establishing and maintaining profitable commercial projects with the main aim of increasing the local and global economies (Mahaney 112). For instance, various scientific experts have proved that the sun is able to provide the world with enough power to run all domestic and commercial projects for a year by shining for one hour. This fact is the underlying principle behind the recent operations of the National Center for Photovoltaics (NCPV). This national agency seeks to use solar power to cater ...

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...vestors should collaborate in increasing the production capacity of solar energy. This is because of its numerous benefits, which include cost effectiveness in the installation, generation, and maintenance, as well as its renewability. In addition, it is a reliable source of energy especially due to its availability in all seasons of the year in significant portions. With the advanced technologies in the modern world, the general population in different countries will benefit from this scientific discovery without incurring huge costs at the domestic and commercial platforms. Other subsections that should adopt solar power systems include academic institutions and government agencies. In addition to facilitating economic developments, the maximum utilization of solar energy will help in solving the problem of global warming since it does not utilize fossil fuels.
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