Solar Energy: The History Of Solar Power

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Solar energy
Everyone on earth is familiar with solar power; it is the energy that the sun gives to the earth and is used by various organisms in various ways. Plants use solar energy to make food; cold-blooded animals use it to get their body temperature high enough to function while warm blooded animals use it for warmth. In the history of mankind, solar power has been critical. However, it is only in later years that the human race has acquired the technology necessary for collecting and storing solar energy. Solar panels and their attendant hardware make it possible to harness the energy, store it and transport it. The equipment has now become so small in some cases that one can wear it on his or her person. The paper shows
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Wilhelm Hallwachs discovered that combining copper and cuprous oxide produced a photosensitive material in 1904. In the next year, Albert Einstein completed his work on the photoelectric effect and presented his paper on it. However, it was William G. Bailley of Carnegie Steel who created the present basic design of the solar panel consisting of copper coils and an insulated box. The period after the Second World War saw increased demand for solar power as energy needs went up and supplies could not keep up. There was an explosion of passive solar buildings in the country and that spurred more investments into the solar industry. It was at Bell Labs that the silicon photovoltaic cell was developed by Daryl Chapin, Calvin Fuller, and Gerald Pearson. It was the first cell that stored enough energy to run contemporary electric…show more content…
There are companies that are crafting photovoltaic material into jackets, trousers, watches, caps and more. When one wears the attire, he or she is instantly transformed into a walking power source. The attire collects and stores energy and then avails it to the wearer or anyone else the wearer might want to share with. It is an incredible advancement that has implications beyond the charging of mobile devices. Potentially, every human can add his or her energy to the grid. It is an advancement that goes one more step towards making every human responsible for his or her energy collection. With the technology getting better and better, the potential is truly
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