Solar Energy System Essay

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As I have previously stated earlier in the evaluation PV systems, or Solar Home Systems (SHS), and many other solar power systems play a significant role in the harvesting of solar energy. But, the most used solar energy systems are Grid-connected systems, Stand-Alone Grid-tied Systems, Off-Grid systems, Stand-Alone Off-Grid Systems, and Stand-Alone Off-Grid Hybrid Systems. In grid-connected or grid-tied systems, solar energy is used during the day by the system owner. At night, the owner makes use of the previously harvested electricity grid. A huge bonus of having the grid-tied system is that the solar system does not need to be sized to meet peak loads, overages can be taken from the grid. In most cases, left over energy generated during the day can be sent back to the grid. Grid-connected systems must meet utility requirements. Most importantly, inverters must not emit noise that can interfere with equipment reception. Inverters must also switch off in cases of grid failure. Lastly, they must retain voltage quality and current output waveforms. Grid-connected systems can be applied to residential installations. Stand-alone grid-connected systems are the same as grid-connected systems, except with battery storage added to allow power to be generated even if the electricity grid fails. Stand-alone grid-tied systems can be applied to residential and business systems that require unlimited and uninterrupted power that’ll keep generating day and night. Off-grid systems are not connected to the electricity grid. The output of an off-grid system depends heavily upon the intensity of the rays being given off by sun. The more intense the sun exposure, the greater the output.They can also be used for water pumps and greenhouse vent...

... middle of paper ... Solar panels also can cause health problems because they are made of silicon which is hazardous when the dust from the silicon is inhaled, which forms scar tissue on your lungs. Lastly, cost and efficiency probably has the greatest negative effect of all. The cost of installations of solar units and solar panelling is very expensive and the energy can only be harvested during the day so the energy can quickly run out.
What is the potential future for solar energy?
Solar energy has already had great influence on the way we have viewed using energy sources.I believe in the future the human race will completely turn away from the use of oil and coal and focus a more efficient and cleaner way of obtaining energy, so we will only use solar energy. Solar energy will be the basis for all energy sources because the rays come from the sun so its accessible
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