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Is solar power the energy future for Saudi Arabia? Introduction: Electricity is not just a word. It means a lot. Nowadays, lighting, heating, washing, and other needs cannot be met easily without electricity. People use many sources of energy to generate electricity. However, sources are quite different so people try to find and use the most appropriate source. In fact, sources are divided into two main groups: renewable and non-renewable energy sources. Non-renewable sources, called conventional sources, can be used easily. However, due to the problems caused by utilizing non-renewable sources, people rethink to move to renewable energy sources. Solar power is one of the main renewable energy sources. Most people think of hot areas, where sunshine is plentiful, when they hear "solar power". Therefore, a question arises if solar power is the energy future for Saudi Arabia or not. This report will discuss and answer this question in long details and also show that if concentration of solar radiation is the only requirement for harnessing solar power. I. Background A. Is it spread world-wide? Due to the predictions of the depletion of oil in the near future, many countries start to depend on renewable energy sources. Since solar power is one of the best choices, many massive solar energy projects have been established. Whiticar et al. state some examples of enormous solar power projects. Firstly, the largest project is SEGS, located in Modjave Desert in U.S., which uses solar thermal technology to produce enough electricity for half-million people. Secondly, because of the continuous sunshine on Spain, it built many solar power plants during the last decade which are predicted to be the dominant source of energy there. B... ... middle of paper ... ...s of the exported oil. V. Future of Saudi Arabia As a result, it is quite clear that there is a precious opportunity to harness due to the previous convincing reasons and the suitable solution for the equipment prices problem. Because of all these incentives, KSA tend to take the advantage of such huge chance. According to Al-Ghabban, the government put a target of 54 GW from renewable energy, 39 GW from solar power, which means around one-fifth from the overall energy will be from solar power in 2032. Conclusion In conclusion, there are many economic incentives and geographical reasons for harnessing solar power in Saudi Arabia. Because of them and the prediction of the depletion of oil, solar power is the most proper alternative for oil in KSA so it will be the dominant source of energy there in the future when oil run out completely as scientists predict.

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