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This paper will explore the many aspects of solar energy. From how it was discovered to what it is used for, how it is used, and the many benefits of it. Solar energy is defined as, radiant energy emitted by the sun. Solar energy has been used for many years and also has been used to generate a number of things that we use today, from solar powered cars and cell phones; solar energy is a huge aspect of human life as we know it. If it weren’t for solar energy, many things may not be able to operate and many other things may not have been discovered because of it.
Solar energy has a long history, dating back to 1767. A Swiss scientist by the name of Horace-Benedict de Saussure created an insulated box with three layers of glass, absorbing energy from the sun. This box became known as the first solar oven, reaching high temperatures of 230 degrees Fahrenheit. Solar energy was ultimately discovered to be able to convert light from the sun into electricity without heat or moving parts. This discovery laid a strong foundation for the many things that solar energy would be able to do. Over 100 years after the first solar oven was created, the first solar cell was introduced and later in 1887, ultraviolet ray capacities, causing a spark jump between two electrodes was discovered. Solar energized equipment eventually became very popular in the United States, following World War II. In 1958, the first commercial use of solar energy was used to power space exploration equipment, like satellites and space stations. Solar energy has been used for many things and is still being used for many things in our world today. Australia developed the first solar powered cars in 1982 and late r in 1999, there was a huge breakthrough in solar cell effic...

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...ld. Solar lights are immune to black outs and they even work on cloudy days. The use of solar power is growing every day because of the impact it has had on the society. Although the solar panels are expensive to install, the cost of electricity goes down greatly.
So how does the future look for solar energy? Although solar power is old news, homeowners along with business owners are finally starting to embrace it. As brilliant minds around the world continue to come up with the many great things that solar energy will continue to do, they concentrate mostly on improving materials to make solar power consumption more efficient. As technology progresses, homeowners begin to see how viable solar power actually is, they also realize how crucial it is to their existing needs. It seems that solar energy has a very bright future and there is no stopping it any time soon.
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