Soil Pollution: Harming Chemicals Used in Farming

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The country side: where there are trailing meadows of green grass, birds singing the day’s melody, children either are heading to the mill pond to fish or going to play in endless fields of dirt. This life seems simple and maybe even perfect. Down the back roads, many farms fill up the country side. Farming is a part of the importance of evolution. Humans went from not just hunting and gathering but making their own food to feed themselves and others too. This soon led into food production. Humans across the globe took this part of history and made production essential to life. There is a problem though, it is called soil pollution. Soil pollution is when either a natural or chemical product is put into the soil and makes it unbalanced. This also affects the health of plants and other living organisms living on the soil. Soil pollution puts a halt to food production and adds hazardous factors to this industry too. How is this happening though? Farming is one of the top contributors to soil pollution. Wait, farming was supposed to be helpful and not harmful to the environment. True, but with the unnatural materials farmers are using and putting in the ground, soil pollution is being created. Soil is one of the most important elements on this earth today. Soil pollution is actually a big issue that needs to be solved. From small farms to factory farms, most of them are contributors to the pollution. Soil pollution levels are increasing today because how the farms operate. Changes need to be made to lower the pollution levels.
Modern farms today are different and more complicated then farms from our past. The way farms are ran today incorporate with the levels of soil pollution. There are many different varieti...

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...on. Farmers can change their ways on how they farm, to lower soil pollution. Go back to the older ways. There is always going to be pollution whether it is natural or unnatural. Farmers can help lower the pollution levels some and start helping to make this earth healthy again. Only if the farmers change the way they farm and stop putting those harmful chemicals into the ground.

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