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Guide to Diamond Shape

The world of diamond is vast and at Sogani Jewels, we will never let you feel absence of any popular diamond cut. Be it an Asscher, Princess or Emerald Cut, we have one of the finest range of certified diamonds graded by GIA and AGSL to prove fair cut, D-J colour and FL-S12 clarity.
In our collection, you can explore the largest variety of diamond cuts. If you are fond of traditional jewellery, we have our exclusive round cut diamond collection for you. For those, who love to carry elegance, unique princess cut diamond is there for them. You can also cherish the beauty and clarity of Assher diamonds or simply pick a classic rectangular facet emerald diamond. Right from elongated pear shaped to radiant cut diamonds, you will not miss even a single type of diamond in our collection. We are experts in all the diamond shapes and make sure our customers get all of them without
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Marquise cut is the best choice if you focus more on carat weight and diamond size. Not just that, this piece always looks elegant and royal when you carry it.

The rectangular cut of Emerald brings a unique optical effect. As compared to other diamonds, the clarity and transparency of emerald is always way higher. Despite a little bulky appearance, it exhibits class and sophistication.
Radiant cut is the friendliest form of diamond as it can be easily paired with other rounded and square pieces. The multiple facets and cropped corners of radiant cut look very decent and the same appearance also contributes in increasing the overall excellence.
The complete symmetry of Pear cut diamond will remind you of a pure water droplet. This is a perfect amalgamation of oval and marquise cut. Its brilliance is unbeatable and it will never let you feel obsolete in the diamond
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