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Projects with lower levels of complexity require less intricate software to track the projects progression. Most projects with a lower level of complexity can use common software packages that are currently available/open source on their office computers. For this assignment we chose to investigate some less common project management software programs. We’ve found some up-and-coming software programs that utilize the tools necessary to complete a project task. We researched and familiarized ourselves with the programs we selected to provide insight into the inter-workings of some of the latest innovations in project management software. One of the most accessible types of project management software available is Excel by Microsoft, which can be found within the Microsoft Office Suite. Features and benefits of Excel include: easy to use and understand program format, drop down boxes and formulas, the program offers abilities to create GANTT charts and numerous different graphical aids to assist in visually identifying the processes of a project. The Excel program can assist in creating budgetary and financial analysis. One of the additional features Excel offers is free set of readymade template, so time is saved by not having to create your own specialized configuration. The Excel free templates serve as a resource for any project management task. Here is a list of some of the free templates you can utilize for project development using Microsoft Excel: project schedules, timelines, critical path construction analysis and project timeline. Another lower complexity software package that can aid you in the project management tasks is QuickBase by Intuit. QuickBase project management software can simplistically modify and personaliz... ... middle of paper ... ...ments. Unfortunately, this program is on the higher end of the spectrum costing slightly over three thousand dollars per user per year. This particular software offers assistance for their users via their virtual resource center or by online web casts. In summary, our conclusion is that the less expensive project management software programs may not be robust enough to handle larger complex projects. We investigated a variety of software programs to help guide project professionals to select the best program to fit their specific unique project needs. Each individual software program offers a dynamic set of resources to provide a systematic method to define project elements that will ultimately lead a project manager to choose the most efficient project management software. Each software program is designed to help guide a project manager to a successful outcome.
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