Software System Architecture

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An architecture for the medical information system called Mental Health Care-Patient Management System (MHC-PMC) to maintain information about patients will need to be developed. The system will be used to give staff information on the patients suffering from mental health problems and their treatments. There are different architecture patterns which can be used to develop the system and there are reasons to use one pattern over another. There is the possibility that any of the architecture patterns used can have short comings associated with it. The architecture could be implemented in hardware and software to meet the needs of developing the new system. When developing an architecture for a system, there are different patterns which can be used depending on the needs of the customer and the requirements of the new system. One of the popular architectures is the client-server architecture. According to Sommerville (2011), the client-server architecture functionality of the system is broken into services with the services being delivered from a server and the clients are the users of the services, (p. 161). An example of client-server is an employee logging into Active Directory network. The computer they are logging into is the client, and then it pulls information from the server to give that employee the rights and access to the network they need for their job duty. The client-server pattern is used when need to share data in databases over a range of locations. There are reasons for going with the client-server architecture for the new MHC-PMC because of the requirements. The MHC-PMC will need to be accessed by different clinics in the area. One of the reasons for using the client-server is to access shared database from ... ... middle of paper ... ...ill need to have a server operation system to house and configure the MHC-PMS software. On the client side, employees will need a computer with an operating system and an interface with the MHC-PMS. Other hardware beside the computer would be network cables to connect to router and the router will need to have secure connection to the central database. Once the hardware is setup and configured, employees will use their computers in the facilities to log into the server, and then log into the MHC-PMS software to access the information for their position. One login will be for the server to again access to network resources such as network drives and network printers and a second login will be needed to get into MHC-PMS with the user controls provided by management. Works Cited Sommerville, I. (2011). Software Engineering. (p. 457). Boston, MA: Learning Solutions.

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