Software Requirement Specifications

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Software Requirements Specification
1. Introduction
1.1 Purpose
This document is a definition of software requirements to develop an automated night class enrolment system and flexible query database required by St.John’s Central College. This document will present the functional, non-functional, and design constraint requirements for the system to be developed. Use case models and descriptions are included along with class diagrams to help model and specify the functional requirements and specifications of the system.

1.2 Scope
The software application that this SRS applies to a night class automated enrolment system and flexible query database required by St.John’s Central College. This document is to be used as basis for the analysis and design of the system and test cases for the system that is to be built.
1.3 Definitions, Acronyms and Abbreviations
DES: Department of Education and Science
SRS: Software Requirement Specification
1.4 References
[This subsection should provide a complete list of all documents referenced elsewhere in the SRS. Each document should be identified by title, report number (if applicable), date, and publishing organization. Specify the sources from which the references can be obtained. This information may be provided by reference to an appendix or to another document.]
2. Overall Description
2.1. User characteristics
2.1.1. Student- an individual filling out Enrolment Form with the purpose of becoming a night class student
2.1.2. Administrator- a person closely interacting with the Night class enrolment system
2.1.3. Director Of Adult Education – a person who creates DES returns report at the end of an academic year
2.2. User environment
2.2.1. The traditional system platform for the database is Apache server. I am using mySQL database and PHP scripting language
2.3. Assumptions and dependencies
2.3.1. It’s assumed that all the office staff of St.John’s Central College will get at least 2 hours training prior to the using of the database
3. Specific Re...

... middle of paper ...

... enforcement requirements or other usage restriction requirements that are to be exhibited by the software.]
3.10 Legal, Copyright, and Other Notices
[This section describes any necessary legal disclaimers, warranties, copyright notices, patent notice, wordmark, trademark, or logo compliance issues for the software.]
3.11 Applicable Standards
[This section describes by reference any applicable standard and the specific sections of any such standards which apply to the system being described. For example, this could include legal, quality and regulatory standards, industry standards for usability, interoperability, internationalization, operating system compliance, etc.]
4. Supporting Information
[The supporting information makes the SRS easier to use. It includes:
• Table of contents
• Index
• Appendices
These may include use-case storyboards or user-interface prototypes. When appendices are included, the SRS should explicitly state whether or not the appendices are to be considered part of the requirements.]
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