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Carbonated Soft Drinks and Health
It has been a long time, the name Coca Cola can almost be regarded as a symbol of consumers’ culture of Americans and people around the world with its interesting history. With a history of over 100 years of existence, Coca Cola was first founded by pharmacist John Stithy Pemberton who served in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War. He created Coca Cola to be like a painkiller, healing to treat his war injury. S.Pemberton says “Coke also can cure headache, nervousness, depression and addictions.” As understood by the American people at that time, People believed that Coke is an oral drug. Meanwhile, Coke had a new face when the recipe of Coca Cola was completed by accident. A bar employee, Jacobs, confused the Coca Cola syrup and mixed it with soda water instead of ordinary recipe of John Stithy Pemberton and as the result, Jacobs corrected Pemberton's formula. Nowadays, Coca Cola brand is a top selling soft drink and everyone in the world loves it, but everything has two sides to it. Although Coke is the current popular beverage it still has harmful health risks if we consume too much.
Coca Cola is now available in all the continents of the world and recognized by most of the world's population. In the beverage industry, global Coca Cola has an important role. Asa Griggs Candle had transformed people to the new image of Coca Cola. His success to make the consumers understands “Coke medication” is a delicious fresh drink. In 1886, Coca Cola was first introduced to the public in Atlanta, Georgia and it really attracted the attention of most people, who enjoyed the great aroma and attractiveness of Coke. Later on, Coca Cola soft drink became a global celebrity. Coca Cola was attractive...

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...happens inside our body if we consumed carbonated soft drinks? Will it hurt our health or not? After all, I can say that we can compare the carbonated soft drink with the detergents.
In conclusion, with such dreadful effect of carbonated soft drink in general, should we consume carbonated soft drink or we should choose fresh water? As the result, we know that soft drink is just quintessential junk food and just has calories without nutrients. Therefore, consumers should pay more attention to the components of the soft drink bottles when we buy. If on the labels there is benzoate salt and vitamin C we should not buy because they are a slow bomb explosion in diet. Furthermore, if I have a change to suggest, I would have suggest that manufacturers add a warning word "overweigh" on the carbonated soft drink's labels similar a words in cigarette “lung cancer" for people.
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