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The 10 major products of the soft drink industry are produced by Pepsi and Coca-Cola in America. According, to a news post on NBC from research from 2010, of no surprise number one is Coca-Cola. Most Americans prefer Coke products over Pepsi. Number two is Diet Coke. Many people look to drink Diet Coke because it is the “healthier” version of the loved Coca-Cola. Number three is Pepsi. Next is also by PepsiCo which is Mountain Dew at number four. Dr.Pepper is number five and this is very surprising because I don’t see many people drinking it as much as all the other drinks. Sprite is number six in the ten major products. Number seven is Diet Pepsi with Diet Mountain Dew being number eight. I don’t remember seeing many stores selling Diet Mountain…show more content…
Depending on the price of raw materials, profits can either go up or down. It is better for the soft drink industry if the raw materials are cheaper because the industry will make more of a profit. This is also a good thing for the consumer because there is not a rise in price. Competing Complementary Products: Competing complementary products would be the fountain drinks at fast food restaurants. The soda industry entered the fast food industry which helped them because the fast food industry pays for them to be used in the restaurant. Another competing complementary product is when they put trial products in foreign countries. The testing of products in other countries is risky because you never know if people are going to like it in other countries. Ownership Trends: One ownership trend in the soda industry is in Coca Cola. Starting in 2004 Coca-Cola has been the leader in the industry. In a close second is Pepsi. Most people know Coca-Cola and Pepsi which are found everywhere. When you go to a restaurant they usually have Coca-Cola products. A lot of people will ask for Pepsi and they do not have them. Coca-Cola has the most sales and revenue out of all the soft drinks and sodas. Coca-Cola is the most sold soda around the…show more content…
Basically anywhere that has fountain drinks nowadays that you pour yourself, the machine is the touch screen where you can customize your drink flavor. This has been a huge success because people are able to get any flavor of Coca Cola or Pepsi that they want. Another big thing is that the websites for the different brands have a lot more detail in them. If you go onto Pepsi’s website you can find anything you want. Nutrition information is definitely the biggest thing that people want to know. On their website, you can find the information for any size soda and any

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