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Trial Of Socrates Reflection Socrates was a Greek philosopher who is considered the founder of western philosophy. He is so well known because of his method of questioning everything. He was a rather grotesque looking man but had all the youths of the society followed him, and hung on his every word. “Socrates always emphasized the importance of the mind over the relative unimportance of the human body” (Timmons 1). He was hated by the elders of Athens for this. Socrates was set to a trial in front of 500 males over the age of thirty who would decide his fate. He was accused on two charge, corrupting the youth and impiety. The young men of the wealthier class have been attracted to him because they enjoy listening to the way in which he exposes the ignorance of those who claim to be wise. This irritated the elders because they believed Socrates was exploiting the youth, even though Socrates did not entice the youth to listen to him. The other charge was impiety, lack of allegiance for a religion. He was charged for this because…show more content…
Socrates was a very wise man but hated by many due to this. His arrogance resulted in him being abhorred by many. A man named Chaerephon had asked the oracle of Delphi whether there was anyone wiser than Socrates. The answer was no and this surprised Socrates. He decided to go find out for himself if he was the wisest by going around and testing the wisdom of the most revered men in society. He approached a politician and it was revealed he was not very wise and Socrates pointed this out to him to his dismay. The man became angered and went around to see if the oracle was telling the truth, which of course it was. This started the prejudice against Socrates throughout the whole society. I believe this is why he was found guilty. A portion of the society already had a negative view on socrates. This would obviously not help his

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