Socrates Philosophy Essay

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Socrates is a famous philosopher whose work and wisdom has not been forgotten, and it is doubted that it will be forgotten. His philosophy was not understood by many at his time. Not only did they not understand it, but they also felt ignorant about it. Thus, formed an anger within them that the only way to cease it was by imprisoning him. Socrates however, never failed to accept that his philosophy was wrong. Ergo, he felt the urge to preach philosophy as much as he could. Realizing that prison was not going to bring an end to Socrates way of thinking, and the preaching of his philosophy, they then decided to kill him. This however did not have an impact of Socrates what so ever. For Socrates being a philosopher, the body and the soul were…show more content…
No one was prepared for it, not even the man in charge of preparing the poison that would eventually take Socrates’ life away. The only one resigned and prepared for this death was Socrates’ himself. At the moment that he drank the poison everyone that was present could not resist their tears no more. In an attempt to console them Socrates told them, “Really, my friends, what a way to behave!” (The Phaedo 20). That act in his last moments of life were the greatest. That act of Socrates showed that up to his last seconds of life he kept being the philosopher he claimed he was. Not a single moment of sadness nor cowardice was shed by Socrates during those moments. Thus, showing that he really meant and believed the philosophy he preached. That death was only the body remaining and his soul being set free. Not like other philosophers that preach the same thing, but in the moment of death they become cowards about it. Socrates in the other hand stood by his words till the very end, like a true philosopher. Although some may say that such actions prove nothing in regards to Socrates being a true philosopher and thinking as such. The greatest and most significant action that describes Socrates as always thinking and acting as a philosopher is dying for philosophy. Socrates’ death was caused by his philosophy. He had the opportunities to escape his death, yet he did not take none of them. He took none of those opportunities for the same reason he was having his death sentence. His philosophy. Socrates died not only preaching his philosophy but also enforcing his philosophy. And that is the way a true philosopher
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