Socrates Character Analysis Essay

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Socrates ' Limelight
(Analysis of Socrates ' character and what makes him interesting) Around 430 B.C.E a child was born who would grow to influence the world through his teacher, Socrates. This child was Plato, who around 380-360 B.C.E. wrote his famous piece The Republic. The protagonist of this literature was Socrates whom to this day no one can claim with absolute certainty, backed with justifiable evidence, that Socrates was a real person. This is much similar to the situation with the Christian religion 's Jesus Christ, whom no one can prove with concrete evidence, was a real person because neither of these two famous idols ever wrote anything down if they truly existed. For Jesus, it was his apostles that wrote his story and for Socrates
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'"Please tell me; what about the doctor in the most exact sense of the word, to use your phrase; is he a moneymaker or one who serves the sick?" ' Socrates asks Thrasymachos in book one. Previously, Socrates had been using an example of a doctor to explain to Thrasymachos that not all who were in power and practiced justice did it for the purpose of gaining more money and power. One can strive to be just for the sake of being just. The doctor seeks to help his patients, not earn money. "Adeimantus says that philosophers are either useless or corrupt. In response, Socrates creates a hybrid philosopher-warrior that will appeal to the brothers. Earlier, Socrates describes the job of guardian and the nature that suits someone for that job. He then turns to the education needed to make someone suited for guardianship into a guardian." (Shaw) After the claim of Adeimatus Socrates uses examples to explain why this claim in not necessarily true. He also takes into account the personality of Adeimatus and creates an example that will allow him to understand Socrates ' point. "Plato did not think that Thrasymachus had correctly described the relation between a ruler and the state when he likened it to that between a greedy shepherd and his sheep. Socrates objects to it on two grounds. The first…show more content…
'"It follows then that God, since he is good would not be cause of all these [bad] things, as most say, but cause of few things to mankind ..." ' Socrates states to Adeimantus in book two. This causes Adeimantus to ponder when he realizes how contradictory his statement had been. "Political correctness also fosters an atmosphere of intimidation and encourages slavish moral and intellectual conformity, attacking the very basis for the free exchange of ideas. Even worse, it encourages a kind of intellectual sentimentality that makes it difficult to acknowledge certain unpalatable realities--the reality, for example, that not all cultures, or indeed all individuals, are equal in terms of potential or accomplishment." (Kimball) Socrates makes is very good at making sure his students and fellow debaters understand that views may vary and makes them question, what then is the correct view and how shall is be decided upon? This upon many other reasons makes Socrates an interesting character. '"Surely there is a third choice . . ." ' Socrates insists in book one when he is confronted by Polemarchos who threatens him to either stay in the Piraeus or fight him and the gang. When he explains that he wants to persuade them, automatically they refuse to listen. Socrates expected as much because people are typically close-minded

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