Sociology: is it something to trifle with?

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Sociology: Is It Something To Trifle With?
At Florida College, there is something to be said about the quality of education in that the faculty make certain what is taught is held next to the candle of God’s Word. The students learn in an environment drastically different than that of nearly every major university. Students have the opportunity to learn without the constant battle against those who would see their faith collapse. Teachers at Florida College, as New Testament Christians, provide knowledge that does not contradict Godly principles. On the other hand, the material required for sociology contains sociological perspectives and theories contradictory to biblical principles that should be considered, such as theories regarding education, deviance, and stratification.
From a structural functionalist perspective, education serves the purpose of allocating students to jobs. Sociologist’s will never recognize the school as a place for God, though no amount of education will ever satisfy a person no matter how long he lives. In Ecclesiastes 6 we see the folly in the labor of ...

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