Sociology: The Sociology Of Technology Affects Human Interaction

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Sociology of Technology
Alexis Reed
Sociology 111
Professor Ellinghouse
Research Term Paper

Technology has become a huge part of today’s society. All things of technology has shown that there’s a huge impact on the way we are learning to communicate with one another. Many individuals are socially disconnected, and there’s an increase in social isolation. Instead of communicating face to face, we are communicating through social media and our cellphones. In today’s society, we need to make a change!
Keywords: Sociology, technology, communication, social groups
Sociology of Technology
I’ve chosen the topic “Sociology of Technology” because I have been interested in how technology impacts human interactions. Not only have
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In similarities, there has been multiple approaches in determining information by using a survey. Not everyone have the same approach but more so of coming to the conclusion that technology has destroyed human interaction. Having knowledge of this topic has greatly helped me in this process.
Technology has forever shaped our world of technology. Technology is embedded in social context, and there’s a change in context. There are individuals who find that technology has a great impact on human interaction, and there’s also individuals who find that technology doesn’t have a great impact on human interaction.
With technology, you would think that one is in search of gaining an understanding of the world, connecting with others in the world, creating and maintaining relationships but it doesn’t always happen that way. There’s a change in the way we are able to communicate when we are face to face. Sending an instant message and not being able to communicate instantly in a face to face interaction is a problem that many are facing today. Most systems of technology has created individuals to be commonly distracted and commonly isolated. Communication is commonly maintained through technology, to whereas face to face interactions are not
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There are many people who base their lives off of social media, and have no reasonable way of living their lives off of social media. My research very well explains me, and I am making a change in the way I communicate and socially interact with others.
I’ve conducted my research through an online survey creator titled, “Free Surveys.” I was able to choose my background colors, and I was also able to choose the fonts and background of the survey. Once my survey was created, I’ve posted in to Facebook where I have 3,442 friends, friends that I don’t know. I’ve posted it on Facebook because that’s where everyone goes! The main question of the survey was “Is technology destroying human interaction?” I’ve received 79% “yes” answers from 129 people and 21% “no” answers. With the intent to only receive a “yes” and a “no” click; I’ve also received comments on why technology was destroying human interaction and why technology do not destroy human interactions. Interestingly, I’ve stood by both standpoints.
If we was to all focus on creating life without the use of technology, life would be better for all. We will all be able to construct a positive, long lasting, and meaningful relationship with one another. Being able to have a great communication without using technology will always be a great route to

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