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For my community service assignment, I contacted an organization known as Pearl Ministry. Pearl Ministry is an organization that is committed to reducing and bringing awareness to the victims of modern-day slavery more commonly known as human trafficking. This organization works to spread alertness on the issue by praying and executing prevention techniques to help reduce human trafficking throughout the United States. I choose to contact and volunteer with this organization because I have recently noticed that human trafficking plays a major role in the disappearance and death of both kids and adults. Therefore, I felt that volunteering at this organization would be a great way to get involved and help spread awareness about the issue in my community.
While volunteering at Pearl Ministry, I attended a Pearl Ministry meeting where I was able to meet several members of the organization. During this meeting, I was able to learn about the organization, talk to the members about what they have witnesses, and receive pamphlets informing me on human trafficking and the severity of the issu...