Sociologist Views On Religion

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Religion is a set of values and beliefs that bind the people together in the society. It can be natural and supernatural aspect of reality that builds the faith among the people living in the society. There are various religions in the world and different society has different values and beliefs towards it. Religions depend upon ones culture and tradition or in fact religion itself creates that tradition and values in the people’s mind. Various kinds of religions that are practiced in the world are Islam, Bahai, Sikhism, Hinduism, Christianity and Judaism and of course different ways of thinking are opinions are associated with those religions. Religions exist in the world since the ancient times and it is one of the oldest human institutions. The religions ceremony includes various kinds of rituals, sermons, worshipping God, Goddesses, festivals, prayers, meditation, matrimonial services etc. and so on. It is very hard to find the typical definition of religions because different people define religion in different way. It depends upon people perceptions and spiritual beliefs. No one is familiar with the origin of religions, it is uncertain although there are lots of scholars trying to show how religion evolved in the world. Religion is related to both beliefs and practices and supernatural way of living a life. The religion of an individual solely depends upon their parents religions uncles they convert themselves to any other religion of their choice. Thus it can be both achieved and ascribed but mostly it is ascribed. Religions are very scared and although there are different name of religions, all religions have a similar components. Anthropologists believe that there are about 100,000 religions have been created throughout w... ... middle of paper ... ... contradictory to each other, their aim differed from each other. Science is more about materialism and religion is more about spiritualism. Science is very objective as it deals with experiment whereas religion is subjective as it deals with experiences. There always arise conflicts between science and religion. Science says if something happened, there is a reason behind it and it believes on proven facts. It based its findings within the familiar world that can be researched and experiments It is more analytical and practical which people believe as they can see through their eyes. On the other hand, religion deals with the world that is beyond our reach and believe in God whom nobody has seen just felt that there is a supernatural power that has created the earth for human beings to live. Thus there are no compromising points between religion and science.
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