Sociological Theories Of Crime

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There are different types of social phenomenon in our society, and one existing phenomenon that capture our attention like no other is crime. What is crime? Crime is an abnormal behavior that violates norms, and especially cultural standards that we as human are suppose to respect and have certain behavior towards. Standards such as : the changing of social, political, psychological, and economic conditions that have an effect on the justification of crime and the structural reaction of the criminal justice system created by Federal and State officials. Rational and deterrence theories are two important theories in this perspective. Research through out history provided us with different theories to help explain why people commit deviance acts.…show more content…
This type of behavior is called recidivism. Recidivism is defined as the reversion of an individual back to criminal behavior after he or she has been convicted of a previous offense, sentenced, or corrected. Offenders who were in prison are more likely to be arrested than those who were put in probation for a new offense contrary to the deterrence theory.
The forecast of such behavior includes cognitive functioning, socioeconomic status, and depression factors with the history of anti-social behavior, social achievement, and social involvement. It’s a mix of factors regarding the individual concerns of failure, failure to meet society’s expectation and of society to provide for the individual, failure of the individual to stay out of trouble, failure to be arrest free and disappointment of a failed rehabilitation process and the continuation of a criminal
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In simple terms its called rational choice. The majority of people, whether they participate in crime or not is not a question about their ability of self control but rather their moral principle. One trait that may be a primary influence in criminal behavior is low-self control. Its characteristics include impulsivity, insensitivity, risk-taking and shortsightedness. Vulnerability and temptations during the moment can be a deciding factor to the commitment of
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