Sociological Research Methodology

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We seek knowledge to assist us in living quality and productive life. Research helps us to correctly define social issues and human actions. Every day we are faced with matters such as poverty, crime, and unemployment, hence we need continual research to find causes and solutions to aid in changing these social problems. Sociological Researchers use different methods and designs to study the society and social behaviors. Research methods vary according to the source of information, information collection tools (types) and how the information was sampled. Fieldwork or Ethnography is the most used type of sociological research, it helps in analyzing the characteristics of the population. Ethnography was the main form of sociological research …show more content…

Qualitative Research Method is mainly exploratory research, used to gain an understanding of reasons, motivations, and opinions. This research looks at non-numerical data and can show problems and develop ideas for potential qualitative research. The researcher can collect qualitative data from artifacts, archival records and focus groups using unstructured or semi-structured techniques, interviews, and observation. The information collected is later analyzed to look for common themes. It's not exact, in that, it does not give an exact answer, instead, it can be relative because the answer can vary from person to person depending on their perspectives, hence the information can be grouped in categories instead of numbers. Example: If you ask whether my son is fat or slim, some may say he's fat while others may say he's slim. Some of those who stated that he's slim stated so because they might have or know of a child who is fatter than my son hence in their opinion my son is slim. On the other hand, some of the individuals who stated that he is fat may only have experiences with smaller built children, therefore in their opinion my son is indeed …show more content…

Here the experimenter seeks knowledge by forming and testing a hypothesis. Scientific Method consists of an experiment, systematic observation and measurement, and testing, formulation and modification of hypothesis, which aids in producing results and creating a conclusion. This method of research is used often, as to maintain the objectivity, focus, and consistency of the study, by following these steps: (1) Ask a question, (2) Research existing sources, (3) Formulate a hypothesis, (4) Design and conduct a study, (5) Draw hypothesis and (6) Report results. These steps help to ensure the reliability, accuracy, and validity of study, results, and

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that sociologists use different methods and designs to study the society and social behaviors. fieldwork or ethnography is the most used type of sociological research used by du bois in the philadelphia negro study.
  • Explains that qualitative and quantitative research methods can be used to collect data. the researcher can collect qualitative data from artifacts, archival records, interviews, and observation.
  • Explains that experimental research is used to determine why and how something may have happened. it tests the direction of the factor that the experimenter manipulates (the independent variable) and directly affects the factors that they observe.
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