Sociological Perspective In Sociology

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Sociology helps us understand how societies influence people, and how people within a society influences the society. We, as human beings, are part of societies that have different customs, beliefs, and morals. When things are normal to us we assume that it is normals to everyone around the world as well, but in reality what is normal or important to one society may not be important to the other one. Because of this, being able to understand how the sociological perspective works is especially important. The sociological perspective has been thought out in three different theories throughout history. These perspectives include: symbolic interactionist, functionalist perspective, and conflict perspective. In today’s world I believe the sociological…show more content…
Many people in the western hemisphere are catholics, so they all worship the cross. They learned throughout time to associate the cross to their religion. These people bow down to the cross, go on their knees, and pray to the cross. They find it perfectly fine to do this because they have all become accustomed to this type of tradition. These individuals will gather up together in groups where they have a man on a cross around the whole building, and will show their most utter respect to a man in a white robe talking about this man. On the other hand, if this group sees a group of native americans worshipping a bird on an “X”, they will find the Native Americans weird, and they might even criticize them for worshipping that bird on an “X”. The sociologic perspective shows us that individuals within a society give values to a vast amount of symbols. Not only this, but the sociologic perspective explains to us how two different groups have their poor or labors, the middle class or the average person, and the rich or rulers of their respective community. It explains to us how each level is important to the next level in order to advance the society. This may mean that the different levels within a caste may separately try to advance in order to keep making the level above them push themselves to newer expectations. Peace and stability is helpful in a society, but conflict within a society can help bring out necessary change to better the
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