Sociological Imagination Essay

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Thinking with a sociological imagination means being aware of the relationship between an individual’s own experience and the wider society. The sociological imagination is not a theory, but rather a way of thinking that focuses on the outlook on society. It is a way of connecting individual problems to the larger issues impacting our entire world. According to C. Wright Mills “Neither the life of an individual nor the history of a society can be understood without understanding both” (Mills, 1959). After the recent passing of my Uncle, I have become more aware of the social forces that shaped his life. I will be discussing my Uncles life by using a sociological perspective to see the impact that social class, social status, and social inequality had on his overall quality of life. In sociology, social class refers to the divisions in society based on factors such as economic and social status. People in the same social class tend to share a similar level of wealth and education. Social class tends to be an ascribed status that people are born with. This is an important social force as the class that someone is…show more content…
People in society who have status are often well known as there is lots of power that comes with status. Having status in society can come from not only having wealth, but also someone’s lifestyle, how they display themselves, and the activities that they participate in as indicated by D. White (Lecture, November 7, 2017). The members of a status group can be seen interacting mainly with their own group and less often with those of higher or lower status. One’s social status may have effects on their health, education, political participation and family life (“The Impacts of Social Class”, 2017). Like social class, status also implies stratification. In Canadian society, people wither lower social statuses are often disadvantaged and live their life with many

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