Sociological Imagination, Agency And Structure

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Sociological Imagination is the basis for this entire paper. In order to better understand the larger concept, it is needed to go in depth on the subject. There are two main parts that make up sociological imagination, agency and structure. Agency according to Chambliss and Eglitis is “the ability of individuals and groups to exercise free will and to make social changes on a small or large scale” (p. 7). Structure defined by Chambliss and Eglitis is “patterned social arrangements that have effects on agency” (p. 7). The relationship between structure and agency can be viewed with the example of a class structure. How it is composed of several social groups who hold varying amounts of resources, political powers, and statuses. The free will that a woman might have to become an award winning scientist or a homemaker is an example of the agency she might poses. In the year 2015 people may not think too much of this. However if it is looked back to the 1900s, the odds would be heavily against that woman doing anything other than being a homemaker. The structure of how the 1900s society was made up, it was out of the norm for a woman to do that, it was also taboo, and there were various legal constraints on her. Such like the ability for her to enter higher education was not allowed in that time frame. That is a prime example of how structure can affect the agency of a society. Thus the broader term of sociological imagination is brought up. Sociological imagination according to Chambliss and Eglitis is “the ability to grasp the relationship between individual lives and the larger social forces that help to shape them” (p. 5). What is appropriate in society can be altered in multiple ways, by what that social group does, the influenc... ... middle of paper ... ...s is be seeing how I did not need my job to survive, but others might need it. I also have other friends who do not work at all. They do this either because they do not have to work to support themselves, or that they would like to focus on their studies. The last thing I am doing is taking a phlebotomy course to become a phlebotomist. I am doing this to not only get my foot in the door of the medical field, but also to gain experience by working in a hospital. Having time spent in a hospital is something that can also help break out of the normal socializations of others when time to apply to medical school. Only one other student is enrolled in this class with me and she is in her 30’s. This is a prime example of something I am doing in my life that is not within the norm. There are not many people that study in the field of phlebotomy, especially at the age of 19.
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