Sociological Concepts In Sociology: Socialization, Gender, And Family

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Heather Ferry SOCIO 211: Paper 3 Throughout SOCIO 211, Professor Sanderson has repeatedly stated that the things we do every day are not natural. Instead these things are constructed by society. He has repeatedly reminded us that we don’t “see” sociology or culture and that we need to “teach ourselves how to see again.” This has been the main take home point of this class for me. I’ve never realized how much I am shaped by my friends, family, teachers, and others around me. That being said, three sociological concepts have improved my understanding of my relationship with society: socialization, gender, and family. These three concepts have been the most important to me because they all are concepts I’ve related to my everyday life, that I am influenced by, and have been molded into. These concepts have made me realize that I cannot necessarily be whoever I want to be or do whatever I want to do. Because of these three main points, I understand my roles and expectations better in life. I have noticed that I act the way I do because I have been socially constructed to do so through socialization, expectations of gender and gender roles, and by how my family has influenced my view of society. I chose the picture that I incorporated in my first paper that represented society because it showed the connections I had within my community, culture, and society. Now however, I would say society is present in the way in which we all chose to act and represent ourselves through socialization. It is not acceptable to have conversations with others in the elevator. It is also not acceptable to stare at a wall or stand with your nose in the corner. In society we all collectively agree that these things are not socially acceptable. We have be... ... middle of paper ... of the beholder” and that while I may not be as thin as society demands women should be, I do not have to conform to the materialistic view of society and I can be beautiful without being as tiny as a stick with big lips and perfect hair. When I have children I will be sure to tell them that society constantly changes along with their definition of beauty and that while they may be told that since they are a girl (or boy) they should behave in a certain way, but that isn’t true. I would make sure my children understand that they are perfect the way they are and that society is defined by us and that if we want, we can change the way we view things so that they are not suckered into the beliefs our culture tries to impose upon them. I think this is the most important lesson one could learn and realize that society does not have to define how they see themselves.
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