Sociological Approaches To Social Inequality

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“Present at least two different sociological approaches to social inequality and discuss these approaches with reference to a concrete problem area of contemporary relevance” Social norms, distribution of power, class, social categories, structure vs. agency, human relations, symbolic power, Intro: (150 words) This essay presents three different sociological approaches to social inequality, focusing on how social inequality is demonstrated through limitations of an individual’s possibilities and performance in the academic environment, due to an individual’s social capabilities in today’s society. There will be a focus on how the chosen sociological approaches view the relation between structure and agency and how this relation forms, strengthens and reproduces social inequality concerning education and employment possibilities.…show more content…
• Feminism is fighting for gender equality, but…. • Even though women statistically get the good degrees, they still have lesser possibilities in getting a job after graduating. – because of gender performativity women need to act in specific ways in order to even get a job. Sub 3: Ulrik Beck – Risk society + Baumann liquid modernity ) (300 words) Today’s contemporary society is a risk society, as Ulrik Beck defines it. This involves constant change, bigger risks through globalisation and a bigger focus to live up to the individualisation and structural circumstances that involve being an individual. • Individualisation – the boomerang effect • A risk society – which leads everyone wanting to fit in an live up to the appearance and health norms that are promoted in the society. – this leads to social inequality since not everyone has the resources to do so. Link to baumann and liquid

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