Sociological Analysis of The Effect Alcohol has on Cultural Groups and Individuals

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Sociological Analysis of The Effect Alcohol has on Cultural Groups and Individuals

Sociologists, Craig MacAndrew and Robert Edgerton believe Some People can

really Hold their liquor .In their article they exemplify the vast types of cultures, not

only as a group, but as individuals and the effect alcohol has on them. They explain that

society interpets alcohol as a means of escaping reality . if one looks at the range of

behaviors associated with drunkenness in all socities , it becomes apparent that alcohol is

used as a way of calling time out with respect to some of the norms of social life.

They attribute alcohol in casuing states of depression , euphoria, energizing us and as

well as lowering our inhibition`s. The different cultures which the authors present to us

are The Camba Indians of Eastern Bolivia whom frequently get extremley drunk , but

their excess drinking does not lead to agression or heigtened sexual activity .The Mixtec

Indians of Mexico , highly value tranquility and non- agression , even in states of gross

intoxication they are not loud or agressive. When the kaingang indians of brazil a warlike

tribe ,drink with other extended families , they become extrem;ey violent and often

commit murders..When members of a single extended family drink togther, however,

quarrels never go beyond blows and muder at this time is , unheard of. The mixe indians

of Mexico often have fist fights when drunk , pause before starting to fight and give their

weapons to onlookers to avoid the chance of seriously injuring their opposition. The

authors use the interactionist prespective approach .

The interactionist perspective in soicology is a view of society that focuses on the


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traditions respectively. The Mixtec were trained in the home on how to react. As children

they knew the repercussions of misbehaving. But at the same time the Kaingang were

always fighting with one another and that is why they were becoming a smaller people.

We all in some way can be categorized as a Tribe , usually when we drink , we drink as a group. Our own behaviors make up the behavior attributed to our "tribe" and each spec of that behavior has in some way been affected by our society , " Cheer`s" to some , may be a war chant , or a motivational tool to charge foward and knock back those beer`s , take on the entire world and wake up the next morning with "battle scars" from that wonderful hangover.

Everyone in Society see`s alcohol in there own eyes , whether it be "evil" and combated with therapy , such as the Alcholic Anoymous or social drinker.
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