Socioemotional Development

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An in Depth Look into What Makes People Turn to Crime and the Psychological Profiling of a Criminal
What is it that makes people turn to crime? How is something like this reversed or rehabilitated? There are some that say people commit crimes such as shoplifting out of fear, especially if it prevents starvation. However, the same type of crime also attracts the attention of gangs who will steal whatever they are told to steal and cost stores millions and millions of dollars each year. Both of the aforementioned things are the same crime, yet they are carried for different motives. If caught, should each be treated the same as they committed the same crime?
According to, “The oldest known explanatory model of behavior is that of demonology. It used to be thought that criminal behavior was the result of a possessed mind and/or body and the only way to exorcise the evil was usually by some torturous means. The key was a focus on the individual rather than his or her environment or any social forces.” This brings up a further debate. What about the crimi...
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