Socioeconomic Factors Affecting Education Essay

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Familial, School and Socioeconomic Factors on Children’s Educational Attainment
Importance of Education
Education itself is one basic need (Benson et al., 2001). It is the only thing that cannot be taken away from any person. It is anyone’s treasure and weapon, as well as society’s basic requirement to anyone who wishes to fit in and be accepted. Education forms the person in many ways. It prepares someone to face society in its total reality. It has become an indicator to many life outcomes like income and employment, health, a person’s own perspective and his social standing. And even whether a person will get married or not is one of the outcomes linking to education, which oftentimes is not discussed (Greenstone and Looney, 2012). Education
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Many factors comprise socioeconomic, but in this study the researcher only used household income and household’s available resources as determinants of education. Parents with high income have the opportunity to give their children a much more comfortable life (Hassink and Kiiver, 2007). Parents who earn more tend to invest and spend more on their children’s education therefore securing quality education through acquiring more years of schooling that perhaps leads to a better future for their…show more content…
As stated earlier, as the appliances increase, there would be more resources available for the children to help them acquire new knowledge thus helping them obtain a quality education. Provided that there is an increase in household income, the parents could now afford to send their children to a private school to provide a better learning environment for their children, as private schools has better facilities and compared to a public school, private schools has a minimal class size to provide students a conducive learning environment and a 1:1 ratio of student-teacher interaction. As supported by the result of the researcher’s study, when children are transferred to a private institution, an increase of 3.835% to their children’s educational attainment is achieved. As stated earlier, when the household is headed by the father, there is an increase level of resources which also results to an increased level of educational attainment. Perhaps because the child has a conventional family structure of having the father as a household head so the child gets a better family support and emotional support provided by his parents. Unlike the children who grows up in a broken family with a step-parent in the household.
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