Socioeconomic Disparities In Adolescent Health

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This essay looks into factors at a social level that determine how injuries are distributed between advantaged and disadvantaged socioeconomic groups. It then discusses the way in which social demographics can influence health outcomes of children and adolescents. Moreover, how access to healthy food and nutrition can affect the health of a child’s development starting in-utero. It will then discuss the effect of poor living conditions and poor parenting in the child’s journey to adulthood. This is followed by a link to a video regarding the risky YouTube trend called choking and how it relates to the cognitive and physical development of the adolescent concluding with how the community could or should address this problem to minimise its risk in future. Studies indicate that worldwide, the distribution of injuries is increasingly higher in disadvantaged groups within society compared to those that are advantaged (Marmot M 2013, p.277). Marmot asserts that it is reasonable to expect progress in the burden of injury to decrease; through examining the underlying causal factors related to the determinants of injury distribution, rather than merely the immediate causal factors (Marmot M 2013, p.277). Evidence has sparked some growth in the consensus that social determinants such as experience in school readiness, cerebral development and health is affected by early-childhood development. (Keleher & McDougall 2011, p.37). Moreover social factors on a personal, family, community and national level are said to strongly affect adolescent health (Viner et al 2012, p.1641). Of these factors in childhood and adolescent health, it is poor children that are said to face a superfluous amount of health problems such as chronic and inf... ... middle of paper ... ...the social determinants’, Department of Epidemoliology & Public Health UCL, vol.16, pp.227-288 McClave, JL, Russell, PJ, Lyren, A, O'Riordan, M & Bass, NE 2009, 'The choking game: physicain perspectives', Pediatrics Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics,vol.125, no.82, pp.81-88 Viner, RM, Ozer EM, Denny, S, Marmot, M, Resnick, M, Fatusi, A & Currie, C 2012, ‘Adolescence and the social determinants of health, The Lancet, vol.379, April, pp.1641-52 Wilkinson, R & Marmot, M 2003, ‘The solid facts second edition’, World Health Organisation Europe, viewed 9 December 2013, ‘Watch shocking video of kids strangling and choking game’, You Tube, viewed 10 December 2013,
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