Sociocultural Evolution and Modifications in the Indian Society

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I still remember the day when I was just a kid. It was 1980s and for the last three consecutive days we had no news about my elder brother. He went to Bombay to bring the letter of Government Sanction to his Typewriting Institute. My parents were in anxiety. Suddenly, a postman appeared and brought a telegram. My mother sat down in misery. Most of the time, the telegram is an ill omen. It was a social perception about the telegram. Fortunately, it was a good news. I read the only word ‘Sarkarmanyata’ (Government-sanction) and my parents offered sugar to the postman and others. I remember another day. It was the morning of 12th June 2013 and I was reading the newspaper The Hindu. The headline was: ‘Dot, dash, full stop: Telegram service ends July 15’. By keeping aside the nostalgia, I asked: ‘Why?’ The answer was stated there: ‘The growing use of mobile phones and internet has led to steep decline in the usages of the telegraphic service…’ (The Hindu, 12th June 2013). My mind stared to roam. What are the other areas which ceased to exist? What are the reasons? Who changed the scenario? What are the merits and demerits of it? The answer is simple. The sociocultural evolution is reaching to its revolution. It has affected not only the materialistic performance but also the social competence of Indian civilization. The well-accessed internet source Wikipedia defines sociocultural evolution as ‘the process by which structural reorganization is affected through time, eventually producing a form or structure which is qualitatively different from the ancestral form.’ Charles Darwin, Auguste Comte, Herbert Spencer, L.H. Morgan are the earliest sociologist to highlight the sociocultural evolution of the society. Richard Dawkin in his essay ‘The Selfish Gene’ (1976) points out that the sociocultural evolution among the humans is more perceptible than the animals. Mass Media, Banking, Industries, Energy Sources, Infrastructure, Science, Space, Defense, Information Technology etc. all are become the means to change the Indian society. It is predictable that they have affirmative as well as negative impressions on the social behavior of the people. The present research article tries to spotlight such dimensions of sociocultural evolution and contribution of the means in it.

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